We woke up this morning to find out we had our Pre-Approval from China!! This is one step closer to getting our girl home and the medical attention she needs so desperately. It also means we are allowed to share pictures of our Mei Mei.  Gu Jia You is our gorgeous girl and we cannot wait to bring her home!!


YouYou 1heart warrior


Finding our Chinese Daughter

As many of you now know, Scott and I are embarking on the journey of a lifetime. One that will no-doubt be filled with twists and turns, emotional highs and lows, and will prayerfully end with one beautiful daughter to add to our family.

We have discussed our desire to adopt for a few years now. Both of us feel drawn to add to our family through adoption, however, it has always been a ‘down the road’ and ‘someday’ thing. Even though that was the case, I have been on several Waiting Child Advocacy sites and watch often. I would find sweet kiddos I wanted to bring home, and Scott-being the practical one, would always say “not yet, hun”. Financially it just was not going to happen. Then, one day in early November, I saw her. A sweet, gorgeous girl who has lost 2 adoptive families due to no fault of her own. That crushed me. Her face was perfect, and as I read more about her and the urgency of finding her a home so she could get medical attention, I knew I had to share her with Scott.

I texted him a picture, and said “it’s her.” While we were both at work, he called me and said “let’s do it!” He was all in!! I could not believe it, he was just as smitten and drawn to her as I was. I contacted her agency and got her file on hold. We looked at it, spoke with a cardiologist, and decided that just as we would our own children born to us, we could help her. Don’t get me wrong, I am terrified about having a heart kiddo and being in and out of surgeries, and hospitals, but if we don’t take her, who will?


Since we know she has a pretty serious heart condition, we are being asked to expedite her adoption. So, we have started to push the process as much as we can. The Homestudy is the first big thing and our sister in law has started a Go Fund Me page to help with the burden of the big fees.


Good friends of ours are also putting together a Fundraiser at their restaurant in December. We have been overwhelmed by the graciousness of our friends, family, and people we don’t even know. We all want to bring our girl home as soon as we can.